The major instruments and their most common uses include:


ICP-MS ICP-MS for trace multi-element analysis (~ mid-ppt to ppb range) in water, sediment, soil, and other environmental/biological samples.
ICP-OES ICP-OES for multi-element analysis (~ mid-ppb to ppm range) in water, sediment, soil and other environmental/biological samples.
GFAA GFAA for inorganic analysis of major and trace elements.
GC-MS for quantification and characterization of trace levels of low MW organic compounds in environmental and biological samples.
TOC Analyzer for carbon and nitrogn contents in liquid samples and carbon contents in solid samples.
EA CHNS-O Elemental Analyzer for determination of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen contents in solid samples.
FIA for determination of major nutrients, including ammonium, nitrite/nitrate, silica, phosphorous, sulfur in water samples.
LGR Liquid-Water Isotope Analyzer for measurement of hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios in liquid water samples.
IC IC for analyses of major anion and cation in river, snow and rainfall samples.


Microwave digestion system, centrifuge, drying oven, dry bath incubator, water bath, sample freezer and refrigerator, fume hood, ductless clean workstations, and Millipore water purification system.