Recharge Rates

EAL recharge rates have been approved and now effective. Click Here for On Campus User Rates. Please note that:

  1. All recharge rates, if not specifically noted, are self-operating rates. Self-operating rates apply to users who prepare samples and standards themselves and have sufficient training to set up instruments, run samples and collect data. Training is provided free of charge for users who are committed to use instruments regularly over a reasonable period of time (typically 6-12 months or longer).
  2. Rates with Tech Support offer option to support users. Lab staff will perform lab work for users in sample and standard preparations, instrument setup and operation, sample loading and data collection.
  3. For most instruments, a surcharge that equals to either 2 hrs instrument rates or 5 samples' rates are charged for each usage to cover the minimum operating costs including instrument setup, blank/calibration standard tests, and QA/QC checks.
  4. Consultation Service includes technical consultation for sample preparations, matrix matching, anlytical method selection, and method development and validation, data reduction, as well as certain levels of QA/QC.
  5. Data output for certain instruments is very raw. Further data processing, analysis and basic QA/QC are needed. Data reduction service is provided on per sequence rate. Extra charge may apply to more in-depth data analysis.