SPO Review

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Timeline for Proposal Submission to the Sponsored Projects Office
The following guidelines apply to all extramural proposals (including proposals for subawards) for which there is a sponsor deadline. They also apply to letters of intent, white papers, or other pre-proposal submissions that contain or propose institutional commitments to which UCM will be expected to adhere. Completed proposals must be submitted to the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) at least five working days prior to the sponsor deadline.  A proposal will be considered “on time” if it is received by 8 a.m. on the fifth day prior to the proposal deadline. 
For proposals that are submitted to SPO for review after the five working day deadline, every effort will be made to submit the proposal before the sponsors’ deadline.  A review may not be possible.  SPO will not be responsible for the unsuccessful submission or administrative rejection of a proposal submitted after the five working day deadline.  Should the proposal result in an award, SPO may decline the award if the terms and conditions do not meet University requirements or re-budget funds as necessary to bring the budget in to compliance with University requirements.
A proposal is considered "complete" only if it includes the following elements:
  • Link to the guidelines for the RFA, RFP, Call for proposal, etc.
  • Draft or Final - statement of work/ technical section (please see below if you are submitting a draft technical section)
o If submitting a draft, any changes made to this section after the SPO review should not affect any of the following administrative elements:
- Cost sharing or matching
- F&A rate
- Named consultants or subawardees
- Any additional compliance issues not already reviewed
  • All proposal elements, administrative sections, and attachments required by the sponsor

o   Examples of these are:

- Project summary
- Current and pending support
- Biographical sketch
- Facilities, equipment, and other resources
- Postdoctoral mentorship plan
- Budget & budget justification
- Data management plan
  • All required internal administrative documents and forms required by UC Merced (including the internal budget form)
o   Examples are:
- Completed Cayuse SP record (routed and approved if applicable)
- Completed and signed Subrecipient Commitment Form for each subrecipient with all required attachments included
- Properly documented cost sharing or matching as well as any necessary approvals
- Completed State and/or Federal Conflict of Interest Form
- For proposals submitted without routing in Cayuse SP, a completed and signed PASS form
- PI Exception form (if applicable)
- Approved waiver of F&A if less than Federally negotiated rate is included in the budget
In addition to the SPO standard proposal review, and if time permits, a PI can request one preliminary proposal review be completed.
A preliminary review can be completed only if the following elements are submitted at least ten working days prior to the sponsor deadline:
  • Draft statement of work/ technical section
  • Draft Budget
  • Draft Budget Justification
  • Link to the proposal guidelines RFA, RFP, Call for Proposal, etc.
Additional documentation can be included if the PI would like it included in the preliminary review.