Required Forms

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All required forms should be submitted to the Sponsored Projects Office (SPO) at least five working days before the proposal due date. Having this information in advance of the deadline will give the SPO and the deans the opportunity to review all compliance issues as well as space and matching fund requirements that may be critical to the proposal’s success. It will also provide a degree of flexibility should last minute issues arise with collaborative arrangements or with electronic proposal submissions, as they frequently do.
Request for Prior Approval and Submission Sheet (PASS)
The Pass Form gives a basic overview of the proposal and allows SPO to do a thorough review before submission. It should be completely filled out and, at minimum, have attached a draft of the proposal and budget. It should only be submitted to the SPO once the form is signed off by both the PI and dean. At that time, the SPO will review the proposal and obtain any additional required approvals and signatures.
Financial Conflict of Interest
A conflict of interest is a situation in which an investigator’s outside financial interest(s) or obligation(s) (real or perceived) have the potential to bias a research project or cause harm to human subjects participating in a research project. Investigators at UC Merced are subject to University of California systemwide policies, as well as specific state of California law and federal regulations.
Federal Financial Disclosure Forms
Applicants to federal agencies must disclose project-related financial interests for themselves and all other project investigators at the proposal submission stage. This requirement also applies to subawards from PHS/NIH or NSF or the other agencies that have adopted the federal requirements (American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, International Vaccine Institute, UC Discovery Grants, UCOP Special Research Programs.)
State of California Disclosure Forms
State of California law requires disclosure of financial interest in the sponsor of a research project; the donor of a research gift and the provider of materials under a material transfer agreement (MTA) when that sponsor, donor or provider is a non-governmental source.
Multi-Campus (MCA) Commitment Form
When UC Merced is the prime recipient of a sponsored project from an external sponsor and wishes to compensate another UC campus, for its help in carrying out a significant part of the scope of work, it is necessary to establish a multi-campus agreement between the UC campus and UC Merced. A completed and signed Multi-Campus (MCA) Commitment Form must be received before an MCA will be established and should be submitted prior to proposal submission.
NIH Certification Form
If a PI plans to submit to NIH, he or she must complete the NIH Certification form in addition to the PASS form and PASS Addendum. This form is required by NIH as certification that the PI has reviewed and signs off on the proposal that is being submitted. It replaces the PI signature that was previously required on the proposal face page.
PI Exception Form
If the proposed PI does not meet the PI eligibility requirements (See P.I. Eligibility Criteria to determine your eligibility.) and wishes to submit a proposal, he or she must complete the PI Exception form. A justification for the exception must be included and the vice chancellor will review the request. PI Exception must be approved before proposal submission.