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Mentors for the 2015 projects

Stephen Hart, UCM Ecologist & Carolin Frank, UCM Ecologist

- Asymniotic Nitrogen Fixation in Yosemite National Park

Emily Moran, UCM Ecologist

Climate Responses of Sierra Nevada Conifer Forests

Tim Kuhn, Yosemite National Park Service &  Joy Baccei, Yosemite National Park Service

- Distribution and Frequency of Willow Species Browse on Tuolumne River, and Dana and Lyell Fork Segments

Jason Sexton, UCM Ecologist

- Effects of Altitude on Monkeyflower Mating Systems and Pollination

Jim Roche, Yosemite National Park Service & Roger Bales, UCM Engineer

- Forest Effects on Snow Accumulation and Melt

Sarah Stock, Yosemite National Park Service

- Influence of the Rim Fire on Great Grey Owls and Spotted Owls

Marc Meyer, USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region

- Red-fir Forest Structure and Health in Active Fire Regime Landscapes