Timothy W Hilton





University of California, Merced

School of Environmental Engineering

P.O. Box 2039

Merced, CA 95344



Ph.D, Pennsylvania State University

M.S., Pennsylvania State University

B.S.E., Princeton University

Current Position: 
Assistant Project Scientist
Previous Position: 
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of New Mexico
Post-Baccalaureate Tech, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Research Interests: 

I seek to understand the terrestrial biological carbon cycle at regional scales using a combination of atmospheric composition observations, ecosystem–atmosphere flux observations, atmospheric and ecosystem models, and data assimilation methods. Considering a group of field observation sites as a collection in space can yield information that is not apparent from considering each site individually, and I am particularly interested in using models to extract such information. Goals of my work include diagnosing the causes and spatial behavior of variations in the terrestrial biological carbon cycle. Broad research interests include modeling of geophysical phenomena and anthropogenic influences on geophysical systems.


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University Graduate Fellow, The Pennsylvania State University, 2003-2004 academic year. Awarded annually to four Penn State Earth and Mineral Sciences College graduate students to recognize outstanding research potential.
Anne C. Wilson Graduate Award, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Pennsylvania State University, August 2003. Provides direct financial support of research activities of outstanding students enrolled in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.