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2024 Sierra Nevada Science Symposium

Roads to Removal Symposium

Roads to Removal Public Lecture

2023 SNRI Research Symposium: “Climate Action Research @ UC Merced: Lightning Talks”

“California’s Watershed: Healing” Documentary Film Screening

Environmental Systems Seminar - Jason Kelley

MIST Speaker Series - Yolonda Youngs

Environmental Systems Seminar - Bryan Pivovar

Enviro-Lunch Seminar - Greenhouse gas emissions from wetland with climate change, Genevieve Noyce

MIST Speaker Series - Vartuhi Tonoyan

Environmental Systems Seminar - Adjo Amekudzi-Kennedy

MIST Speaker Series - Chelsey Walden-Schreiner

Environmental Systems Seminar - Daniel Kammen

Enviro-Lunch Seminar - Data-driven hydraulic modeling, Weiyu Li

MIST Speaker Series - Brian Peterson

Environmental Systems Seminar - Yuval Burstyn

Author Event for Amy Wu

Enviro-Lunch Seminar - Ca-mediated soil organic carbon stabilization, Michael Rowley

MIST Speaker Series - Jose Sanchez

Environmental Systems Seminar - Lauren McPhillips

Enviro-Lunch Seminar - Root vs. topographic generation of redox anomalies on a subalpine hillslope and floodplain, Hannah Naughton

MIST Speaker Series - Dev Jennings

Environmental Systems Seminar - Laurel Larsen

Enviro-Lunch Seminar - Plant-water relationship (evapotranspiration) modeling, Meng Zhao

Environmental Systems Seminar - Kristina Dahl

Enviro-Lunch Seminar - Free N fixing under switchgrass (Linking microbial scale processes to ecosystem function), Darian Smercina Pacific

MIST Speaker Series - Anna Miller

MIST Speaker Series - Rachel Golden Kroner

Environmental Systems Seminar - Rebecca Ryals

Enviro-Lunch Seminar - Reactive transport modeling, Bhavna Arora

2022 Research Symposium

MIST Speaker Series - Meredith Gore

Environmental Systems Seminar - Daniel Eisenberg

Enviro Lunch-Seminar - Density fractionation and soil carbon stabilization, Katherine Heckman

MIST Speaker Series - Ai Hisano

Environmental Systems Seminar - Oriana Chegwidden

MIST Speaker Series - Anjali Bhatt

Environmental Systems Seminar - Jennifer Adam

Enviro Lunch-Seminar - The role of coastal marine sediments in carbon cycling from local to global scales, Alyssa Griffin

MIST Speaker Series - Elizabeth Perry

Environmental Systems Seminar - Jose Pablo Ortiz Partida

Enviro Lunch-Seminar - Rethinking carbon and nitrogen isotope fractionation during soil organic matter decomposition, Michael Philben

MIST Speaker Series - Emily Wilkins

Environmental Systems Seminar - Mojtaba Sadegh

Enviro Lunch-Seminar - Root-mediated weathering, Mariela Garcia Arrendondo

MIST Speaker Series - Max Eriksson

Marta Berbés-Blázquez - ASU - Faculty host: Sam Markolf

SNRI Research Week Symposium