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Pre-Award Services Provided

Pre-awards provides various services related to proposal development and submission for SNRI faculty and staff. These services include:

  • Interpretation of sponsor guidelines and requirements
  • Assistance with all stages of proposal development, including budget preparation, Cayuse record creation, uploading all required documents into Cayuse, 424 and sponsor-systems
  • Serving as liaison between SRS and Faculty-PIs in relation to all proposal issues and sponsor-related queries
  • Routing the completed Cayuse Record for internal review by Sponsored Research Services (SRS).

Please note that the Pre-Award does not review the content of the technical part of the proposal that deals with specific areas of knowledge unique to each department and that review, would require in-depth knowledge of the field; so, it falls within the purview of the Faculty-PI. However, Pre-Award will review budgets, to ensure appropriateness, and check the proposal to make sure that all necessary forms and information have been included.

Managing Time:  Once a Faculty-PI has decided that they are determined to submit a proposal in connection with a Request-for-Proposals (RFP), it is highly encouraged that Faculty advises the research administrators (RAs) of intention to submit, as soon as possible, preferably six (6) to eight (8) weeks in advance.

Such notice and a (URL) link to the program-announcement should be sent to Armando Quintero at and as well as