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It is the department’s responsibility to purchase items at the best price for the quality of the item. Pre-qualified vendors are preferred. Departments are encouraged to take all reasonable positive measures to ensure a price to be paid is reasonable.

Before a purchase is made, requests are required to be approved first by your Principal Investigator and finally by the designated Research Administrator.

Do not commit University funds to an expense without prior approval. If funds are committed without prior approval, you may be liable to pay for the expense out of pocket or an Unauthorized Purchase form will have to be completed by the offender and then be reviewed by the Vice Chancellor of Research & Economic Development, Sam Traina.

Timeline for requests

● Typical requests will take between 2-3 weeks to receive items

● Urgent requests will require 2-3 business days for processing

● Requisitions will take between 4-6 weeks to receive items

Requisitions: Purchases which are required to be processed by UC Merced’s Procurement Department.

A requisition is required if:

● Order is > $5000 including taxes

● Services are being performed on campus

● Fabrication or construction

● Annual service agreements

● Any service that requires a signed contract

● Vendor is international

● It is a chemical on the EH&S regulated SOP list

Order requests greater than $50,000 will require competitive bids before a vendor is chosen. (BUS-43, Part 3, III.D) Exceptions to this requirement may be available for unique products, sole source, or emergency conditions.