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Giving to SNRI

The Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI) is UC Merced's first Organized Research Unit. The goal of the Sierra Nevada Research Institute is to discover and disseminate new knowledge that contributes to sustaining natural resources and promoting social health and well-being in the Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada regions of California, and related regions worldwide, through integrated research in natural science, social science, and engineering.

The SNRI faculty and scientists seek new knowledge that will contribute to a more sustainable future for the natural systems of the Sierra Nevada and the San Joaquin Valley on which we depend. Discoveries here inform the world.

Your contribution will support critical research and discoveries in:

  •  Hydrology and Water Resources

  • Fire Science

  • Climate Science

  • Water Sciences

  • Soil Science

  • Solar Energy

  • Drones (UAVs)

  • Ecology and Ecosystem Science

  • Climate Communications

  • Environmental Policy

  • Resource Management

SNRI fosters interdisciplinary research by leveraging the expertise of scientists from across the UC Merced campus. However, rapid population growth, competition for natural resources, competing for land use, climate change and environmental pollution that pose serious threats to the sustainability of these regions. Solving these problems requires the combined perspective of multiple disciplines that is the hallmark of UC Merced’s Sierra Nevada Research Institute (SNRI).

SNRI also collaborates with other UC campuses, Lawrence Livermore and Berkeley National Laboratories and UC Agriculture and Natural Resources to bring the best of the UC system to the research agenda of UC Merced.

Contact our Executive Director, Armando Quintero via email or phone at (415) 246-6728 for more information.

To donate online, please see our Make a Gift page at UC Merced Development and Alumni Relations.