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Advisory Committee

SNRI Advisory Committee

The SNRI Advisory Committee is chaired by a faculty member other than the Director, and meets regularly, participating actively in setting the SNRI's goals as reflected in the SNRI Strategic Plan, and critically evaluates SNRI’s effectiveness on a continuing basis. The Advisory Committee provides counsel to the Director on all matters pertaining to SNRI, including budgetary matters and personnel. More than half of the Advisory Committee members are required to be ladder-rank faculty members from UC Merced. The committee may also include faculty from other UC campuses, members from the professional research series, and one or more members from outside UC. The Advisory Committee is appointed by the Chancellor to staggered three-year terms. The committee reports at least annually to the Chancellor.

## Asmeret Berhe, Committee Chair AY 2018/2019
## Roger Bales, Director SNRI, Professor
## Josh Viers, Director CITRIS, Associate Professor
## Mike Dawson, Associate Professor
## YangQuan Chen, Associate Professor
## Armando Quintero, Executive Director SNRI, ex oficio member


Advisory Committee Notes

Committee Notes May 2017